So This is the New Year

It’s time for our annual New Years Post! How exciting.

 2011 seems to have been a dismal year for the blog.
Goals we completed: None. We had no goals.
Predictions that came true: None. We made no predictions
How cool our blog was this year on a scale of 1-10: -3
Good thing that came from 2011: We now live in the same state again.


  • Leave the continent and fly on an airplane together.
  • Go back to summer camp (we missed it last year).
  • Document better i.e. take more pictures/videos/etc
  • Win more concert tickets
  • Blog/Vlog more


  • The world doesn’t end
  • Beyoncé names her child something crazy, and then everybody copies her.
  • Hunger Games is huge, sparking Team Peeta and Team Gale shirts across the globe, which seems pointless seeing as spoiler alert: Peeta already won guys and your shirt can’t change that.
  • Hey Monday goes on Hiatus (indefinitely).
  • Ryan Gosling assumes his rightful place as People’s Sexiest Man Alive

So HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

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One Response to So This is the New Year

  1. Jennifer says:

    Ryan Gossling is far more attractive than Bradley Cooper. He was robbed.

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