First Day: Round 2

  • I might die this semester. I have a Geology class at 7 am, and the Professor speaks in monotone. Such a terrible idea!
  • My Geography teacher is straight up crazy. She doesn’t believe in laptops so we aren’t allowed to use them in class, but according to Rate My Professor it’s the easiest class known to man so I’m keeping it.
  • I was at school so early that they hadn’t even turned on all the hall way lights yet.
  • I love my History Professor! He is this hilarious old man with an odd accent and a tendency to talk about history like he’s writing it a love letter.
  • The kid I sat next to in class looked like Jonathan Taylor Thomas a weird amount. He even had this super 90’s looking haircut…
  • Work + School = NO free time. So rough.

*P.S. After reading this post you might assume I hate school. I don’t. I actually love school a weird amount. What I don’t love is paying too much money for books, and waking up at 6 am.

**Update – I switched my Geology Professor. It’s still at 7 am, but my new professor is way better. No more monotone, and he’s kind of crazy. He walks on the desks and is obsessed with a pony he rode in Mongolia while doing geological field work. He’s almost bald, but then has this HUGE bushy beard, and does a little dance sort of thing when he gets excited. Way easier to stay awake for.


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I LOVE Horses, Roller Coasters, Traveling , Meeting Weird People, River Rafting, Summer, Music, Mornings, Enthusiasm, Philanthropy, Themed Parties, Reading, Black and White Photographs, Orange Juice, Making Lists, Road Trips, Swing Sets, and Mix CDs.
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One Response to First Day: Round 2

  1. kelltick says:

    Geology+monotone+7:00 a.m. = my worst nightmare

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