As it turns out I have lost any ability to cook for myself, because cooking in college is hard

Or buy good grocery’s that will turn into good food. actually it’s debatable if I ever had either of these skills. but seriously. the only things I have eaten in the last 3 days are eggs, cheese, tortillas, cuties, Frosted flakes, and Pasta I didn’t cook with pasta sauce I bought. Oh. and tang. the sugar, not the drink. I think I’m walking the fine line of the Malnourished… It might be time to go to the store.

But the store brings up another problem I have, my refusal to get a cart. If I can’t carry it I don’ need it I always tell myself. but I’m pretty sure myself might be wrong considering the sad state of my pantry shelf.

You know what else I hate about cooking at college? Dishes. Dishes are the worst. I hate it when I cook something that you shouldn’t eat out of the pan… (which might be everything) but seriously. I don’t want to have to cook something in the pan, put it on or in a dish, eat it, and then get another container to put leftover in the fridge. So I either A. eat it out of the pan, unless I can’t or B. Eat it out of whatever it will go into the fridge in. This helps solve the dishes problem, which for as long as I’ve been a room mate has been a problem. Because someones dish was in the sink and now it;s lost or you didn’t do your dishes fast enough or it’s your turn to unload or we ran out of dish soap again. College living goal #1 Make as few dishes as possible


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2 Responses to As it turns out I have lost any ability to cook for myself, because cooking in college is hard

  1. Jennifer says:

    Agreed. College cooking is rough. I lost a lot of weight. Now I’m married and chubby. I should go back to bananas and tortillas. It worked for me.

  2. SadieSadie says:

    Dishes are the number one source of drama in every apartment I’ve ever lived at. I also suck at cooking. I mostly eat cereal. Seriously.

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