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Grocery Store Playlist

As I have previously mentioned I work at a grocery store. This means I spend a lot of time listening to the same set of songs that play on the overhead speaker. Actually my grocery store does a pretty ok … Continue reading

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Lent: I’m not giving up anything because I don’t have to

Every year At this time people start talking about what they are giving up for lent. And that’s fine. Give up your bad habit, you’re weak resolve, give up whatever you want… I guess. But my question for these lent … Continue reading

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Types of Customers

I have been really bad at posting for a while now. This is mainly due to the fact that I never have time, and my life is extremely boring right now. I work ALL the time. Almost literally. I go … Continue reading

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A Pre Written Dear John Letter to Your Missonary

I have 2 roommates currently stinging missionaries along. and if we’re honest, I actually think it’s hilarious. And they’ll always just say “Oh I don’t know what to tell my missionary so I won’t tell him anything it will be … Continue reading

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♥ Happy Valentines Day!! ♥

We LOVE Valentines Day!  Actually love it. All the way. Not just a little bit. So here’s a little Valentines Day advice for you….. don’t complain about it. Seriously! No need to get all cynical. Just have fun with it! … Continue reading

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Our Camp Counselor Check List

This is our application video for the summer camp we want to work at. Obviously they should hire us, because we are AWESOME!

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I Heart Camp Day, and some other stuff

I made this:

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