A Pre Written Dear John Letter to Your Missonary

I have 2 roommates currently stinging missionaries along. and if we’re honest, I actually think it’s hilarious. And they’ll always just say “Oh I don’t know what to tell my missionary so I won’t tell him anything it will be fine!” Yeah… you let me know how that goes in a year when he finds out this other kid has been sleeping in your room every night, meanwhile you tell him you’re not dating anyone. So I did them a favor! I wrote a Dear John letter for them! So sweet of me I know!

Dear Missionary,

Hi, how are things in the ______ Mission? I hope the weather is nice. I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been stringing you along and have actually been making out & going out with this new boy.  He’s really nice, He comes and sleeps on a little floor bed in my room every night. SO SWEET. I know I sent you a giant valentine and that you are going to be crushed by this news, as we never actually broke up, and I told you I would wait for you. I lied. Sorry!

your (ex?)girlfriend


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3 Responses to A Pre Written Dear John Letter to Your Missonary

  1. Aliese says:

    Hilarious. Biggest favor you could do for all parties involved?! ACTUALLY SEND IT.

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