Lent: I’m not giving up anything because I don’t have to

Every year At this time people start talking about what they are giving up for lent. And that’s fine. Give up your bad habit, you’re weak resolve, give up whatever you want… I guess.
But my question for these lent Giver uppers is always this. “Ah. Are you catholic?” BECAUSE SO MANY OF THEM AREN’T! And I think that’s bizarre. They’re just like oh hey, I already tried and failed my New years Resolutions, so I will RENEW them for Lent. Occasionally I have people ask me “What are you giving up for lent?” I’m not giving up anything for lent! because I don’t have to! Hooray! because I feel like many of the lent give ups land with their fallen comrades the new years resolutions. And Why would I give something up that isn’t required of me? Obviously I wouldn’t. My favorite are the Facebook giver uppers. You see that Facebook status go up that is like “For lent this year I’m giving up Facebook! I don’t know how long I can last!” Well that’s a vote of confidence in your Lent resolution. Let’s see how that goes for you….. *5 days later* “AHHHH I couldn’t do It! I couldn’t give up facebook!”
Me: *slow clap* way to go you made it a whole 5 days.
And honestly I get bored with not being able to get on Facebook but IF I was going to do lent? I would totally pick something really easy, I’m pretty sure I’m smarter than the average Lenter.


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4 Responses to Lent: I’m not giving up anything because I don’t have to

  1. Aliese says:

    If I had to give up something for lent–it would be exercise.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I guess a lot of Christians do it. It’s a Jesus, 40 days in the desert thing. I think it’s weird people assume you are giving something up. I have never done anything for lent, but this year I have decided to adopt it and give up fried foods for 40 days. Mostly because I’m chub. And Adam knows of my “lent” so I kind of have some one to answer to. And I’ll be successful because I have some will power. Kudos on giving up nothing though! Because really, mormons are kind of on perma-lent.

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