Grocery Store Playlist

As I have previously mentioned I work at a grocery store. This means I spend a lot of time listening to the same set of songs that play on the overhead speaker. Actually my grocery store does a pretty ok job of keeping up the variety, but it has some staple songs that come on A LOT. Below are some of the top played songs and my guess as to why in the world they would play these songs so much.

  • Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Cyndi Lauper: This song is EASILY the most played song. I really have no idea why. My best guess is that it’s fun, upbeat, and reminds all the shopping mom’s about GNOs. Possibly increases sales of: Hair Spray, Make Up, Chocolate.
  • It’s My Party- Lesley Gore: It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to. This song is pretty much a daily occurrence. Possibly increases sales of: Chocolate, Ice Cream, Candy, and Comfort Foods
  • Larger than Life- The Backstreet Boys: In my opinion you never have to offer an explanation as to why you would be playing the Backstreet Boys. I totally still have the Millennium CD I got when I was in 4th grade, I even still bust it out every once in a while. It’s a classic (sorry ((but not really)) if I just offended anybody with actual taste in music).
  • The Sweetest Thing- U2: There are a couple of U2 songs on the rotation, but I think this one get’s the most air time. Possibly increases sales of: Candy
  • The Macarena- Los Del Rio: It is practically my dream to see a customer just start doing the dance. I’m actually really dissappointed that it hasn’t happened yet. They also play *The Cha Cha Slide from time to time. I don’t understand why no one dances. Possibly increases sales of: Food located in the Spanish section?
  • Old School Britney Spears- Mostly the following three songs: Hit Me Baby One More Time, Lucky, and You Drive Me Crazy. Possibly increases sales of: Celebrity Gossip Magazines?
  • All About Us- t.A.T.u.: This one confuses me a little. t.A.T.u. is a Russian singing duo of two girls who pretended to be a lesbian couple, but then it turned out to be a publicity stunt. I have no idea how they ended up on grocery store radio in America.
  • That One Song- I can not figure out what this song is. It comes on A LOT, but as it doesn’t really have words I have no idea how to figure out what it is. It’s instrumental, and then has a very brief verse of words in another language which I thought was Spanish, but someone else told me was Portuguese, and still another person said it was neither. So? I don’t know, all I know is that it comes on a lot, I like it, and wish I knew what it was called.
Other songs that come on often:
  • Uptown Girl- Billy Joel
  • Calling You- Blue October
  • We Found Love- Rihanna 
  • Don’t You Want Me Baby- The Human League 
  • Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)- Vertical Horizon
  • Let Love In- The Goo Goo Dolls
  • Chains of Love- Erasure
  • Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)- Green Day
  • Takin’ Care of Business- BTO (side note: I hate this song)
  • My Girl-  The Temptations
  • Manic Monday- The Bangles
  • Absolutely (Story of a Girl)- Nine Days
  • I’ll Be- Edwin McCain
  • Don’t Turn Around- Ace of Base
  • Roll to Me – Del Amitri
  • Tearin’ Up My Heart- N*Sync
  • Found Out About You- Gin Blossoms 
One time they played Boom Boom Boom by The Vengaboys. This confused me greatly as the basically the only thing this song says is “Boom Boom Boom, I want you in my room” Seems like an odd choice for family grocery store….
*I won a bet involving this song as the Produce Boy for some reason insisted this song was by MC Hammer. He had to buy me ice cream which was awesome.

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One Response to Grocery Store Playlist

  1. kelltick says:

    SAVAGE GARDEN!!! Also smiths is the first place I ever heard Believe by Cher… I thought it was a man

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