Germs are for wimps

I almost just started this post off with the most arrogant sentence I have ever penned… Typed. I’ll refrain. So anyways. Something that I really appreciate is the fact that I am not a germaphobe at all. This has served me really well over and over. Being a germaphobe has a lot of drawbacks.

Say you’re at a concert. and at concerts you are ALWAYS extremely thirsty. Unfortunately you are not skilled enough to catch one of the water bottles the band throws the crowd, the boy standing near you is however and generously offers you some after he has some. If you’re a germaphobe, you decline, because Ew Gross who knows where those lips have been. It already has Band germs and Random boy germs. But if you’re Not a germaphobe? AWESOME you just got water!  And it is fantastic!

Another Example: Your sibling has a soda, you don’t want to buy a soda so you just have some of theirs. And If you’re lucky they are Germaphobes and you end up with the whole soda because they now feel like they can’t drink their soda cause it has your germs. Sad for them. GREAT for you.

You’re eating some skittles, you accidentally drop one of the delicious green ones on the floor. Germaphobe gets sad, tosses the Queen of the skittles in the trash. Lucky non germaphobe picks the dropped skittle up, brushes it on their pants, and pops it in their mouth. Sweet!

So today is my last day of school before spring break. I’ll drive home tomorrow morning, or tonight if I get too bored. I’m down to the Bare minimum in my food supply because only morons buy groceries right before break. I’m working with my last 2 pieces of bread to make a peanut butter and honey sandwich. And Everyone worst nightmare happens, The peanut buttered bread slips from my grasp, and lands face down on the counter….. The only choice was to pick it up and slap it on the already honeyed bread. Because otherwise I would have been out an entire sandwich and I didn’t have other lunch options. If I had been a germaphobe I would have had to scrounge up something else. Luckily I’m not. And I ate my sandwich without second thoughts.


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One Response to Germs are for wimps

  1. Aliese says:

    Germaphobes have no fun. I will say though, I am selective about a few things. Case in point: zooiebackers. I can’t share a beverage when there are floaties. ICK. Also, knowing I’ve given people mono before makes me tell people before they share things with me because I’d feel badly if I consciously made them sick (or…maybe sometimes I wouldn’t!!).

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