Running Some Numbers

5- number of projects/tests I have due this week (stupid!)
38- number of hours I work this week (stupid!)
4- number of days until I put in my 2 weeks notice at work (!!!!!!!!!!!)
1/2- amount of milk I used before it expired and I had to dump the rest out (pitiful?)
8- number of pages in the paper I wrote in one day (impressive?)
5- number of hours of sleep I got last night (no good.)
24-number of colors that came in my friendship bracelet making string pack (amazing!)
3.5-number of Cherry Cokes I have drank in the last 2 days (disgusting?)
163-number of pages I have read in that book you let me borrow (addicted.)
68-play count of that One Direction song you sent me last week (embarrassing?)
23-number of days until school is OVER (BEST.)
30-number of days until we go on an epic road trip to Seattle (exciting!)
53-number of days until we go to Summer Camp (double exciting!)


About SadieSadie

I LOVE Horses, Roller Coasters, Traveling , Meeting Weird People, River Rafting, Summer, Music, Mornings, Enthusiasm, Philanthropy, Themed Parties, Reading, Black and White Photographs, Orange Juice, Making Lists, Road Trips, Swing Sets, and Mix CDs.
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