Summer at camp round 2 part 2

-There is a dinner night here best described as chexican… Where the taco bar meets the orange chicken
-A 10 year old girl camper can and will eat 7 churros if not carefully monitored…. Then end up I’ll
-Even if the camp they are at is basically camp heaven, there is always that camper.
-Tonight our bunk had a s’mores party. These children have no tolerance. At age ten I could probably eat a solid 7 or 8 s’mores and they all get sick when they eat 3.
-For some reason they always have us request co counselors, then they ignore the requests. I don’t understand this. Don’t ask me to give you 3-4 names if you’re going to ignore them all
– on the regular here we teach kids drinking games… I learned how to play *hydro* pong as well as flip cup at camp…I’m going to go ahead and declare that not camp appropriate.
– I’m not sure why camps can’t manage to get really good horses, it seems like the fact that theses kids pay more then 3000 dollars to come here for 2 weeks would allow the camp to buy some finer horse flesh. Instead we have a bunch of horses that are partly lame and a bunch that are ornery.


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