The Space Invader! … Personal Space that is

SO, We could go on about my personal space issues, but it’s boring and I’m Pretty sure I’ve talked about it too many times. Short version, I like my space, and when people are in my space I get a little antsy.
But whats even worse then a space Invader is a STEALTH space invader. You know the one, They are clear across the room from you one second and then suddenly the next second you turn around and they’re basically standing on top of you? SO terrible.
Anyways, One of my teachers is a stealth space invader. One minute he’ll be nowhere near you and then the next. BOOM right at your shoulder talking to you. And I mean like RIGHT at your shoulder. And He ALWAYS sneaks up behind you. He never will just walk right up to you.Β  I’m jumpy to start out with, when someone sneaks up on me? All bets are off.
I can’t even arrange my face to make it look like I’m glad to be listening to him because I’m so mad that he A: snuck up on me and B: is now invading my space. And to make matters worse he has that nice guy voice that I just cannot abide. You know the one? That is all calm and while it’s not quite monotone is is ALWAYS even. Like he’s never been upset about anything in his life. And whats weird about him is that he doesn’t ever step back. some people will space invade to get your attention and then one they have it they’ll give you some room. Not this guy. he will just keep on keeping on with the invasion, even if it means stepping closer to you if you step back.
I wish I could say he was a creeper. Because then I could just explain it away. But the problem is that he doesn’t actually put off creeper vibes. Except the sneaking. It’s just like he has no personal space boundaries. Like at all. And I do not understand.
That is all


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