If you’ve read our blog at all you might have realized that I like lists. If you flip through my various notebooks you will see tons of them mixed in with school notes and anything else I wrote down. To Do Lists, Wish Lists, Bucket Lists, Playlists, you name it they are there. For as long as I can remember lists have sort of been my thing. I like reading them, I like making them, and I like crossing things off of them. I’m kind of obsessed with them. Not all of my lists are as standard as a To Do List though. The other day I found this old notebook, and it had some odd ones in it. Here are a few lists I have made that are probably not normal (or something).

  • List of things that have flown in to my house (don’t leave your windows open) Including a humming bird, a bat, a red-tailed hawk, and an insane robin.
  • List of wild animals I wish I could have as a pet (a fox, a tiger, an owl, a cheetah, a desert cat, or a giraffe)
  • List of weird phrases I want printed on a t-shirt.
  • List of American songs and brands I saw in China
  • List of unrealistic things cartoons teach you (running off of cliffs, living through explosions, etc)
  • List of good album names (not necessarily good albums, just good names)
  • List of qualities that qualify Henry David Thoreau to be the original hipster.
  • List of songs that mention State Nicknames (i.e. Utah is The Beehive State, and California is the Golden State)

So there is a list about lists. Officially making me a Listomaniac.


About SadieSadie

I LOVE Horses, Roller Coasters, Traveling , Meeting Weird People, River Rafting, Summer, Music, Mornings, Enthusiasm, Philanthropy, Themed Parties, Reading, Black and White Photographs, Orange Juice, Making Lists, Road Trips, Swing Sets, and Mix CDs.
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2 Responses to Listomania

  1. kelltick says:

    HAHAHA!! Henry David Thoreau is the original hipster?! that is my favorite

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