My Horrible Hobby and Pinterest The Enabler

So, Normally if someone asks me what my hobbies are I hem and haw, mumble something about horses and shopping, maybe throw in something about snowboarding if I really like snowboarding at that moment. (someday I’ll talk about that love/hate relationship). But really when I say that I am either A. Lying or B. Leaving out my real hobby.
I could spend all day looking at engagement photos and watching wedding videos. Like I’m planning a wedding or something. Except I’m not! What I’m actually doing is critiquing. and boy to I love critiquing… slash criticizing. Fun fact: I will never be able to get married. A. I have SO MUCH bad wedding karma coming my way And B: I would never find a photographer. I hate all their stuff. And they all have such different stuff! The serious face that almost says, “we’re not happy to be getting married” The decapitated shot, Which says “we have no brains because we are OK with this guys version of art“, cousin to the ” Why don’t you just cut us off at the hip?” photo, What I like to call the piggy back picture… I don’t know what this says except for “la la lame”, and of course the prom throwback where the guy holds the girl in his arms… sort of like an infant. WHY GUYS? And then, all the awkward variation of THE KISS. I hate the kiss with a fiery passion. Can’t you just not? There is the “stand behind me so I can kiss you over my shoulder” and the silhouette kiss, The almost kiss, which is more of a face nuzzle actually, the let me set you on this railing and hopefully you don’t fall over backwards kiss, sibling to the dip and kiss. And, probably my least favorite, the upside down kiss. you are not spider man or twilight guys. The list goes on and on.

My mom is kind and must at least to some extent enjoy my judgement passing on any and all engagements because she saves me every single announcement, and lays them out on my desk in order of when they came. She must think I’m a pretty OK daughter. And also I can always look at people I’m friends with on Facebook if I feel like. But then guys.


Pinterest happened. And suddenly my world grew exponentially. I could look at people I didn’t even know! And did you know? People do THEME Engagements?!! WHAT IS THAT?! Hunger games themes, Tangled themes, Harry potter themes. It goes on and on. Does it make it OK  to have ridiculous kiss photos if you have theme engagements? NO!

I am shocked. and horrified. and delighted by these. Because it gives me something to do if I need to waste time.  And I Love wasting time.

Also Check out this delightful pic. We actually (unfortunately?) know this person



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4 Responses to My Horrible Hobby and Pinterest The Enabler

  1. SadieSadie says:

    Themes go too far. What boy agrees to that?!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Themes are gross. And agreed ^ what boy agrees to that?! I don’t actually remember what pictures I used for my announcements but I can almost guarantee there were some lame ones. My photographer was actually really good. But there’s just something about love that makes you a little bit lame. And your “friend’s” engagement picture makes me uneasy. Laying like that my railroad tracks seems unwise. And the faces are creepy, To me, it says suicide pact.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Also, I didn’t know of your love of engagements. You can look at (and mock even, if you so choose) mine if you like.

    • kelltick says:

      I’m pretty sure you used the one on your blog one where you look serious… and you’re sitting in front of him?… And maybe one by some graffiti? And maybe one where you look freezing… But it’s been a while. I really should start saving them after I pass judgement.

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