One of the high points of my Major

Aside from not having school on Fridays I mean. because in reality that is the very best part.

Anyways. I’m sort of an over aged college student I feel like, some days it distresses me, some days I think, Why would I want to be done and have to get a grown up job? When I am talking to people and they tell me they are 18 years old I feel ridiculous. Also when I talk to girls who are 21 and graduated. and here I am… 23 Still in college.

Luckily my major likes to boost my self esteem. EVERYONE in it is older. I’m in the young bunch. This never happens in my non major classes. It’s a bunch of 21 year old girls who have been married for 2 years and a bunch of boys who have been married since the day they got home from their missions.  The Rec major has three types of boys I think. first the boys who are married. second, the boys who are too old/ boys you would never want to date, and third The boys that are married and you don’t understand why (proving the anyone who wants to get married bad enough can theory)

Also you know what else is AWESOME?! NO FINALS WEEK!!!! WOOOT WOOOT WOOOT!! Take my advice. Be a Rec major.


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One Response to One of the high points of my Major

  1. Jennifer says:

    That is quite awesome…and I know what you mean about being an old student. I was too. And might be again. We’ll see.

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