Merry Christmas From BFF Bloggers

Here’s a little Christmas photo, and the first 8 things on our Top 10 Christmas Letter (to be finished at a later date….maybe). Merry Christmas!

Christmas BFFs

Hello Friends and Family! Wow! What a year 2012 has been!

Top 10 Things of 2012

  • We discover Teresa Jack. the worlds most interesting girl. We now follow her life’s progress via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.
  • We became obsessed with North Korea and The Avengers at around the same time, Google predicted searches got a little interesting.
  • Sadie worked long hard hours at a grocery store.
  • Kelli moved back to Logan and never works, but survives taking 21 credits fall semester and only whined a few times a day.
  • We apply and are accepted to work at Riverway Ranch Camp where we accomplished many horseback riding bucket list items, Such as; swimming on horses and riding a friesian dressage horse. How exciting!
  • We road tripped to Seattle and arrived at 3am due to some poor planning skills. While there we placed some gum on The Gum Wall.
  • In Seattle we are spectators for the prestigious Windermere Cup which convinces us we should probably take up rowing. This has yet to happen and probably never will
  • We go on a Knowlton family camping expedition to go rafting.There were different cooking teams and our team won. Some might tell you that it wasn’t a competition. They are all LYING. It was definitely a competition, as all things are.

We hope your year has been as productive and amazing as ours has!
Sadie and Kelli

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