Do Appliances Dream of Electric Heaven

So I’ve been working on a giant Valentines Day post, but I noticed that my posts lately have been less like blog posts and more like some kind of holiday event calendar. Then I saw this post which has been sitting in my dash as a draft for who knows how long.  I don’t really remember why I never posted it, but I do remember coming up with the title and thinking I was really cool.

Lately I have been breaking all my stuff. I may have just ruined my iPod…. and my lap top. Also for the last 3 years I have received a digital camera for Christmas, and I have subsequently ruined/lost all of them. I seem to have very poor luck with cameras. The first one I brought a long to the pool with me and my sunscreen exploded and ruined both my camera and my old iPod (it was a rough day that ended with me breaking not only electronics, but also a bone). The second one I brought to Rawhide. Enough said. As for the last one I went to a concert and at some point it slipped out of my pocket and most likely got trampled by hundreds of people. :( I decided to dedicate this post to appliences that met untimly deaths.

  • All of my brother’s cell phones. He seems to have very poor luck with cell phones. He has washed atleast 3 with his laundry, cracked several screens, and even ran over one with a lawn mower.
  • My other brother’s iPhone which he accidentally buried with one of those giant digging machines.
  • The electrolux vaccume which my brother tried to vaccume up a pool of water with.
  • The cell phone I dropped off a roof.
  • The remote key for our car which accidently took a trip down the river
  • My old stereo which fell down a flight of stairs

RIP stuff.  I miss you.


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