My Mother Really Wanted Me to Have a Talent. Alternately Titled: Kelli is a quitter

Like Really bad I think. Today campus was basically a giant Ice sheet, and I wore boots with ZERO tread. And I was joking with my friend about how I needed to brush up on my Triple toe loop, since I had taken figure skating when I was approximately 8. And then I realized. I have taken basically every type of lesson. No stone was left unturned in my quest for talent and the only one I actually managed to get is a very expensive hobby for a college student… So I don’t know that it actually counts.

Lets take a look back at my many almost skills.  

The first Class I remember taking is Sunshine Generation. My mothers first attempt to make me a singer and a dancer. At this point my singing was probably just OK, and my dancing not much better. But I was young, probably around six, so really I couldn’t have been expected to be good at much more than being adorable. Which I excelled at.


I did gymnastics for about a year I think. I doubt I was very good, and I know gymnastics made my mom very nervous since I had already broken my arm once. I feel like there’s a good chance I only took one session then after summer was over she just didn’t sign me back up. and who even knows if I wanted to be signed up. they didn’t just let you run around on the bouncy floor, you had to wait in line to jump on the spring board.

Next came my participation in soccer. Probably around the same time as my Sunshine generation days. I use the term participation loosely. I did not really like to run up and down the field and I was afraid of the ball. But I did really want to be the goalie, because those kids didn’t have to run at all. Lucky. I was pretty good at sitting down in the middle of the game and making nests out of grass though, which is probably why my coach never let me goalie.

My first Jazz Tap Ballet class. I also took tumbling at the same place. I know I danced to a song called Minnie mouse is in the house and Jitter bug. and I still think the costume was ADORABLE. I feel like this was probably one of those quits where my mom was like ” do you want to sign up again?” and I was just like “Nah. I just want free time ALL THE TIME”

sunshine 002

sunshine 003

Top right baby. Check out the pure photogenic

1st piano lessons. I don’t know why I quit, but I know I did. I probably just hated the dumb music I was forced to play. and the theory, and the note cards.

I know I at least practiced for some sort of softball or teeball. probably in like 2nd grade I know I had the uniform for a while. I don’t remember ever playing in the outfield or really playing in any game at all, there is a chance I quit the team, maybe because I broke my arm, maybe because I just didn’t like it. Who

Suzki Piano lessons, because that’s what one of my friends who was EXCELLENT at the piano took. I made it through the first book and didn’t want to continue because in Suzuki you’re just supposed to memorize the music, not just look at the notes, and I hated that. so I quit

I think that Ice skating comes in somewhere here. I don’t know why I didn’t skate longer. Maybe that’s where a broken arm came in. I wish I remembered more clearly. Maybe my mom decided she didn’t want to drive clear to the ice sheet once a week cause it was about 1/2 hour from my house, Maybe she realized I’d never be graceful, so skating was a waste of time, Or maybe I jut decided I didn’t want to sign up again. I’ll neet to fact check that with her

I made another short attempt at soccer in 4th grade. I quit after the 3rd practice because I remembered that I hated soccer. But I got my picture taken!

sunshine 006

3rd set of piano lessons, because I wanted to be able to play the music I heard on the radio, when I realized you basically just learn to play hot cross buns and other ridiculous garbage I decided I hated it. I lied all the time and told my mom that I practiced when I didn’t actually so I never improved, then I quit.

MODERN DANCE. I don’t even know what else to say. Just know it didn’t last long. Although I am positive that I thoroughly enjoyed acting like a leaf. That’s the only class I remember. I think my Mom and my friend’s who I was taking it with mom decided we were basically learning nothing. and they were right. And I was more than happy to quit because even at a young age I knew that modern dance is ridiculous.

I took Sewing in here somewhere. I sewed a very fine flannel night gown with skiing kittens on it, an ugly purse that is still in my basement somewhere, a cooling band, A bear and a dress for the bear. I don’t think there was an opportunity to continue sewing lessons with the same lady. It might have been a one time run

In 4th grade another set of dance class. Tap, Jazz, Ballet, with LaRae the scariest Lady ever. When I broke my arm she told me only graceful girls were allowed in her studio and when we messed up she told us we would have to clean the toilet with our tongues. I only lasted one session there. And our outfits were hideous. Also Me and my friend were apparently so bad we had to dance with the age group below us. looking back I should have been a lot more embarrassed.

sunshine 005

Hideous. And Check out that hair. Obviously the work of my neighbor because my mom couldn’t wield a curling iron

sunshine 004

You’re a terrible dancer, so you will dance with babies

WOOOOO Horseback Riding lessons!! My one skill! I LOVED riding lessons. And I willingly went on Saturdays to work at the boarding facility I took lessons at to earn extra lessons. Because more time with horses was more fun. I believe I took 2 summers of riding lessons.

Back to Dance with LaRae, Irish Step dancing, the greatest dance class of all time and the one dance class I wasn’t just horrible in, because you usually didn’t have to move your hands so I could just focus on my Legs. Focusing on more then one thing as a child was difficult for me, and is still difficult for me today. I quit after one session of this as well. probably because dance infringed on my free time.

Every summer from the summer before kindergarten to the summer after 6th grade I took swim lessons, sometimes multiple sets per summer. My dad was an excellent swimmer and I think my mom really wanted me to be a swimmer too. Unfortunately I really really hate rotary breathing. So I’m slow, and I look ridiculous when I swim. but she tried really hard. I finally quit swim lessons after I took the same one like 3 times in a row and couldn’t pass because I couldn’t do Butterfly correctly. which was a double blow because it was my dads best stroke, and I was PATHETIC at it.

Back to dance class, this time just jazz. I liked dancing here and I was in the oldest group of girls the lady taught so we got to go to all sorts of competitions and special performances at places. I liked dancing here but I decided that the only reason you keep dancing in JR high is so you can become a cheer leader, so I didn’t go back after 1 season.

sunshine 001

This hair. I can’t even.

I was a follower and took up flute and band for 7th grade because one of my friends had. I enjoyed playing the flute enough. I think part of my love for it came from the competitions between the band kids to become first chair. which I never got, because my friend was WAY better then me. But I did own both 2nd and 3rd chair quite frequently.

After 8th grade I decided to quit band for choir. and I really liked being in choir. mostly because of the teacher. My mom was even nice enough to sign me up for voice lessons. unfortunately I never learned to sight-read so I didn’t make high school concert choir. I took that pretty hard for a while, then when I realized I didn’t even like a vast majority of the choir kids I got over it.

During 7th grade I decided I really wanted a cheer leader uniform so my mom kindly signed me up for cheer leading class so I could improve and hopefully make the Jr. High Team for 8th grade. I was never meant to be a dancer. and this was the year I finally realized it. I didn’t even end up going out for cheerleader because I heard that you had to be able to do a standing back tuck and I figured. why bother even trying.

What follows is the lesson less years Until I got my own horse and started going to Horse club, which was basically the greatest thing ever and pretty much defines my summers through high school. And actually horses basically defined my life through high school. Kelli and Sadie, On horseback, All day everyday, Rain or shine.

Horse Jumping Lessons. These were fun. But boy were the girls at that stable snobby. But those horses were awesome. I’m not sure why I quit this. Maybe my mom realized I was too old for her to be paying for me to take lessons any more. Which was valid. Also, You can only progress so far in jumping before you need to buy your own expensive Hunter Jumper. and I was not anywhere close to that point when I quit.


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One Response to My Mother Really Wanted Me to Have a Talent. Alternately Titled: Kelli is a quitter

  1. Jennifer says:

    You were such an adorable little girl! And maybe you didn’t stick to a lot of those pursued talents but you got to dabble in a bunch of different things which is pretty cool! Truth be told, I probably should have quit dance. Because after 10 years, I was still dreadful. And it was modern dance and you know about that… I could have saved my poor mother some money. :) Also, I, too, was decent at butterfly. Not great like your dad but I can teach you, I am quite sure of it.

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