Things About Us

  • We are BFFs to the extreme
  • We like lists, and we make them frequently
  • We like to make playlists around themes
  • We love horseback riding and pretty much anything else that involves horses
  • We like weird/embarrassingly stupid movies. They are just so much more entertaining than edgy dramas.
  • Our music library’s are extremely diverse. Example: A*teens  and AFI
  • We LIVE for the Summer
  • We love midnight movies. All movies should come in midnight form
  • We are well practiced in the fine art of the mix CD
  • We have a strict exchange rate for our secrets
  • If we could live in sunglasses we would
  • We like to stay up late
  • We LOVE holidays. All holidays.
  • We are competitive and we love GAMES. All games. Board games, Nintendo games, card games, you name it
  • Whenever we like things we like them A LOT
  • We love celeb gossip
  • We enjoy river rafting and roller coasters a great deal.
  • We love the Utah Jazz especially Ronnie Price
  • We are very opposite, but yet strangely the same.


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