The Different Types of Finals week Students

First we have the student who moves to the library or as I prefer to call them Library Zombies. you might see them studying away when you stop in to the library in the morning to print off your paper, then later that evening when you go to use the library’s uber fast internet to download some Ebook, There they are taking a little snooze at their desk. The next morning you go back to the library for class and they are still there, same chair, same table, same clothes studying away. These students are the reason there is a cafe in the library, And the line is always long.

Next we have the serious business at home studier, to know that a person is this type of studier they probably have to tell you. Perhaps you shoot of a message like “hey want to go get some ice cream as a finals week treat?” and they reply 8 hours later at 3 in the morning, “oh hey sorry, didn’t get your text I’ve been holed up in my room studying all day.” These are who I believe are the most dedicated of finals week students. The ones in the library are dedicated to be sure, but these at home studiers can stay on task off campus and that is impressive.

Another type of studier is the crammer. Both of my brothers are crammers. These kids don’t study for the test until the day before the test. ever. and they will tell you this. and then they start to study for the test, they stay up basically all night studying, maybe take a quick catnap before the test, then go take it, then come home and crash. personally of all the studiers I find this the most difficult to understand. Because If I stayed up all night a cat nap would not be enough to get me through the test

The Facebook studier is the student who is on facebook saying ” I should be studying for finals but instead I’m on facebook, such is my life” Hi. You don’ need to broadcast to the world that you ought to be studying. News flash. Probably no one cares, except maybe your parents, who wish that you were studying.

Then there is the non studier. the person who claims,”Oh, I didn’t study for this test at all!” and then after the test walking out you hear them talking to someone and they are like “Just totally aced my final” I am suspicious, and jealous of these people in equal parts, and I want to know how many of them actually ace the test.

I myself am a half studier. I set out with good intentions to buckle down and study. I get all set up, read my notes, maybe even jot a few things down. Then I get all the way through my notes once and am just like ” Well, guess I’m done!” then I go on my merry way. Part of the problem is that if I study for too long my test anxiety gets worse and part of the problem is that after I read through something I’m pretty sure I know it, even if I don’t.

Happy testing everyone!


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Pinterest has some awfully stupid ideas

DIY: Sand Bowls- just sand mixed with glue and dripped over a bowl until it hardens.  Perfect for holding your summer seashell collection! Must try!

Like this. Apparently you are supposed to mix Elmers glue, sand, and water and drip it over a bowl until it hardens….

WHAT THE HECK GUYS!? Am I the only person who immediately sees how stupid this is?! I love The ocean, and it would be a lovely place to keep your seashells, yes pinterest, you are correct. But I don’t need a seashell holder that is going to dissolve if someone touches it too hard! I mean Glue, Sand, and water doesn’t make cement… It makes a mess. Also whats up with pinterest making things seem so easy all the time. I’d bet my last serving of cereal that if I made a sand bowl it wouldn’t turn out smooth. Something is definitely fishy about that bowl.

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Belated Black Friday Post

So this Black Friday I was a little upset with all the stores that were opening so early. I mean come on! It’s Black FRIDAY not Thursday! Plus I just feel bad for all the employees who have to work on Thanksgiving instead of being with Family and Friends. However, despite my best efforts to convince people to boycott, I ended up going to Walmart with my sister in order to wait in line for some ridiculously cheap Blu-ray player that she wanted (I didn’t buy anything as some form of meager protest). While we were there we started keeping track of all the weird things we heard so here are list of quotes from random people inside the Walmart Black Friday Frenzy…

Some trashy looking guy: Why would anyone come here sober?! I mean seriously!

Walmart Employee with loud voice: (REPEATEDLY) Do not touch the merchandise until 8:00! We are enforcing this rule with everyone!  *meanwhile everyone ignores him and even the people standing right next to him are loading up on cheap DVDs and walking away with stacks of merchandise*

Guy who see’s us waiting in line for the Blu-Ray Player: Whoa! So is this the line for the Toilet Paper? (They position things in random parts of the store to spread out the lines/crowds so the Blu-Ray player was indeed in the Toilet Paper Section)

Guy in line to checkout: Whoa! I swear they have everything here!
Girl in line with him: Yeah! I hear they are giving out tikets to the Celestial Kingdom over in housewares!

Guy infront of us in line to checkout on cell phone: Yeah, yeah! I’m coming. I’m just waiting in line to pay. Meanwhile the guy in front of me is buying half the store! (That guy probably heard him)

Also you know what I miss? The Crazy Target Lady commercials. Imma let you finish but those commercials were the best ad campaign ever made!

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One of the high points of my Major

Aside from not having school on Fridays I mean. because in reality that is the very best part.

Anyways. I’m sort of an over aged college student I feel like, some days it distresses me, some days I think, Why would I want to be done and have to get a grown up job? When I am talking to people and they tell me they are 18 years old I feel ridiculous. Also when I talk to girls who are 21 and graduated. and here I am… 23 Still in college.

Luckily my major likes to boost my self esteem. EVERYONE in it is older. I’m in the young bunch. This never happens in my non major classes. It’s a bunch of 21 year old girls who have been married for 2 years and a bunch of boys who have been married since the day they got home from their missions.  The Rec major has three types of boys I think. first the boys who are married. second, the boys who are too old/ boys you would never want to date, and third The boys that are married and you don’t understand why (proving the anyone who wants to get married bad enough can theory)

Also you know what else is AWESOME?! NO FINALS WEEK!!!! WOOOT WOOOT WOOOT!! Take my advice. Be a Rec major.

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This is Halloween


Halloween is finally here! I love this holiday with all my heart. It’s such a fun day. I don’t even mind going to school on it, because actually it is my very favorite day to attend school. The reason is that my school seems to love Halloween as much as I do. Costumes are rampant. It is AWESOME. Here is a list of costumes I have seen today (I tried to erase a bunch of the more boring ones since it is already pretty long, and I still have 2 hours left of school).

  • Dorthy from Wizard of Oz
  • Tinkerbell
  • Solar Panels
  • Multiple Zombies
  • The Princess from Brave
  • Greek Goddess
  • Seriously decked out Pirate (there were lots of these, but this one went ALL out)
  • Hershey’s Kiss
  • Honey Boo Boo Child
  • The Joker
  • Slash (The guitarist)
  • Circus Ring Master
  • Green Power Ranger
  • Fred and Wilma Flinston
  • 80’s Popstar
  • Zombie Raggedy Anne
  • Mini Mouse
  • The entire cast of The Avengers with Captain America being the most popular, and one particular Iron Man with the most legitimate costume I have ever seen. This random boy standing next to me and I seriously just gaped at him open mouthed for like 5 minutes. I almost wanted to ask him for an autograph. I’m pretty sure it was the real Tony Stark.
  • Several bagpipe playing Scotsmen
  • Mordecai from Regular Show (that one blue bird)
  • Blue haired anime person (my knowledge on this subject is limiting, so I have no idea who it was, but it was a pretty involved costume)
  • Superman and Supergirl
  • Link from Zelda 3 times once being made entirely of duck tape
  • French Maid
  • Reindeer
  • Despicable Me Minion
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Cupcake
  • Mario
  • Half Angel Half Devil
  • Ballerina with the largest Tutu on the face of the planet
  • This one kid in one of my classes dressed up as our Professor which was seriously hilarious
  • Lora Croft from Tomb Raider
  • Kimono wearing girl
  • A Death Eater (from Harry Potter)
  • Dr. Who (Three times!)
  • Where’s Waldo (What’s up with that costume this year? It’s everywhere!)
  • Cheetah
  • Jazz Player (NBA style)
  • The Milky Way (This one was pretty cool)
  • Tom Brady including knee brace
  • The Flash (My personal favorite Super Hero)
  • Bride and Groom
  • This one REALLY tall guy was wearing a Green Teletubbie costume (He might be my favorite person now)
  • Wonder Women
  • Harry Potter and a few other Hogwarts students (including one wearing a hufflepuff tie)
  • Batman
  • Guy with Tux and Monocle (I think maybe he was Mr. Peanut)
  • Curt Cobain
  • Buddy the Elf
  • Wolverine
  • Perry the Platypus
  • Slender Man
  • Polygamist Wife
  • Really super impressive Mad Eye Moody costume
  • Mermaid
  • Ladybug
  • Belly Dancer
  • Lehi including the Liahona (Only in Utah)
  • Eskimo
  • Ghostbuster
  • Guy with fake Jet Pack
  • Pedo Bear (….)
  • Lumberjack
  • Little Red Ridinghood
  • Finn from Adventure Time (twice)
  • Monk/Friar
  • Han Solo and Princess Leia
  • Pikachu
  • Tiger
  • Einstein
  • African Dancer
  • Luigi
  • A Lord of the Rings Orc (This costume was seriously professional too. It looked like it was stolen from the movie set.)
  • Cat Women
  • Princess Jasmine
  • A T-Rex

There are also a lot of people roaming around as who knows what. I’ve seen lots of people in pajamas, random wigs, cloaks, or whatever that I just didn’t know what they were.

List of Halloween Songs:
Skeletons – This Century
Ghost- Fefe Dobson
Spiderwebs- No Doubt
Disturbia – Rihanna
Hall of the Mountain King- Mannheim Steamroller
Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare- Matt & Kim
This is Halloween- Danny Elfman
Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show (I like the Glee version best, don’t shoot me!)

Obviously Sadie’s School is WAYYYYY cooler then mine, costumes were limited on campus today. Don’t worry, I totally Dressed up. Here is what I saw… Basically all of what I saw. My school <.

  • A mad scientist
  • A Lord of the Rings-ish elf with a billowing cloak
  • An extremely authentic Padme from Star Wars
  • Fred Flintstone
  • A zombie
  • A witch
  • 50s girl
  • a tiger
  • A monkey with her dog being a banana
  • Harry potter
  • A genie
  • an obese person being a pumpkin
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It’s the End of the World as We Know it: A Survival Guide

So as you probably know (and are no doubt sick of hearing about by now) that it is 2012, the year of the apocalypse. Just so you know I do not actually put much stock in this, but I do, for some unknown reason, love thinking about it. If there was some sort of classic dooms day scenario playing out I would totally vote for the Zombie take over. Kelli and I have a specific conversation about this all the time. It involves us debating about which shopping complex would be the best to barricade yourself in, in the case of just such an invasion. So below are some tips on how to survive, in the unlikely event that Mayan Calendars are somehow really accurate despite the fact that they don’t even account for that extra quater turn.

First do NOT live in New York. Don’t do it. If there is an Alien Invasion they will go to New York. Meteor Shower? New York. Zombies? New York. Giant Ape? New York.  Whatever it is it will definitely be in New York. I know this because 50,000 movies told me.  In fact here is a list of 15 of those movies.

This also goes for LA.

In fact you might be better off just steering clear of big cities in general. Some people think that maybe we are due for some Polar shifting, which would cause earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions. So I guess in addition to not living in a large city you also have to find somewhere far away from the ocean, volcanoes, and fault lines.

 So once you find this place you’ll need to make yourself some kind of bomb shelter (preferably underground), and set to work teaching yourself how to survive with out technology. This is another thing I like to think about a lot for some reason. I go through and try to decide who/what skills would become important in an end of the world scenario. Because right now people with money and people involved in technology tend to be the most important, but these things don’t matter much most versions of the post-apocalyptic world. Suddenly everything will be totally reversed. Now people who can grow food or make things are much more important. Which I think would be really interesting. All of the sudden Donald Trump and Jennifer Anniston are the most useless members of society (actually I’m pretty sure this is already true anyway).

As for the Aliens for some reason there seem to be a lot of movies where the Aliens are defeated by bacteria or water. Lucky for us both of these things are pretty prevalent on the earth’s surface. If they are Space Jam style Aliens then the best way to get rid of them is by defeating them in a game of basketball with the help of Michael Jordan.

If a new ice age kills off most of the human race my advice to survivors would be to just let themselves die, because I think that would be horrible.

Count me out of that one.

Edit: I saw this the other day and decided it was the best idea ever.

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Me and Hermione Granger

I’ve actually come to an unfortunate point in my life everyone. And it pains me a little because I think if I was someone else I would hate me. And when I say I think I would I actually mean I know I would.
I cannot resist answering questions in class, if I know the answer. Teacher asks a question, my hand shoots right up. BAM.

I don’t know when this happened. I was most certainly not this student in high school. I hated getting called on in class. I’ve been trying to figure out how this unfortunate habit came to be So I’ve been restraining myself from answering questions right away. And after some in depth research, It occurred to me.
I CAN NOT tolerate the awkward science where the teacher asks a question and no one answers. Teacher is like “So why do you think that it is done this way?” ….. *crickets* … and then the teacher answers his own question. I HATE that. So, to get around it I just pop my hand up right away. I’m certain this is annoying to some people It would probably bug me. On the bright side though, at least I’m not the annoying grown up in the class with the rolling backpack.

P.S. you know what I always forget and the Harry Potter nerd in me gets super excited about? Me and Hermione have the same middle name. woohoo!

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