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Words That Really Get On My Nerves…

The name Sean.. Because that my friends is said SEEN, not SHAWN. I don’t actually hate the name Shawn just the fools who spell it wrong. which is pretty much everyone… The word weird. Because every self-respecting 1st grader knows, … Continue reading

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There Is No Place Like Airports For The Holidays….

I was going to write this while I was in the airport… but then I got hungry… Which brings me to my first point. Airport food is disgusting and they totally gouge you for it. This is distressing to me. … Continue reading

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3 Things I Really Hate Right Now

1. Fake nails… I can’t believe I used to want them I’m disgusted with my past self… Now I think they just look dumb, they don’t even look remotely real and they look vile when they get dirty. As a … Continue reading

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Summer At Camp Pt. 3

It is sort of terrifying that you start being ok with camp food. And you say things like “Oh Yay! It’s chicken nuggets day!” On the food subject eating the same things every week on a schedule really makes you appreciate … Continue reading

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Mary Kay Ladies

Mary Kay ladies sometimes really get on my nerves. I’m not against what they do or anything I like makeup as much as the next person and if you enjoy yourself selling things go for it. But seriously I swear … Continue reading

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