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Did You Know?

July 30th was apparently International Friendship day?! and we MISSED IT?!! Outrageous. Friends for a decade and we forget this momentous day I didn’t even know existed until today… whatevs. So right now you’re vacationing in Montana and I just … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The good – I’m practically a movie star, this week we filmed videos for the office an I had to be in them – It was 60 degrees today – Today I got a 200 dollar bonus. BONUS – I’m … Continue reading

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How About Them Apples?

So today my cousin decided that she was finally going to make neighbor gifts. We’re a little late to the game so a lot of the easy stuff like banana bread and chocolate covered pretzels have already been taken. We … Continue reading

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This Boy Will Not Die and some Flashbacks

So I just talked to my cousin from Arizona and the stupid boy named Howie has been asking about me… Again… Seriously?! I wish I had posted about him in the old blog but I didn’t however I do have … Continue reading

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Havasupai, and I’m lazy

I went to Havasupai this past weekend with my cousin, her husband my brother and mom, and it was wicked awesome. I recommend it to everyone…. particularly if you enjoy hiking 10 miles carrying a large backpack. Which as it … Continue reading

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