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Book Wall

I am obsessed with this place. For real. Advertisements

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Day 9: BFF Quiz about Sadie

Kelli’s anwers about Sadie (bolded answered the same)1. Political party Ummmm somewhere in between I guess. I think there is stuff on both sides that she agrees with 2. Middle name Joy 3. Favorite spectator sport Basketball!! Utah, Utah Jazz, … Continue reading

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Halloween Week

Guys, I love Halloween. Like of the non Christmas Holidays it’s probably my favorite. Whenever people talk about how they hate it I am just flabbergasted. Reasons Halloween is The Best 1. FREE CANDY 2. Excuse to dress up 3. … Continue reading

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A Tally

Utah Roads: Straight +, named normally or with numbers +, grid system often used+. Construction -. California Roads: curvy death roads-, horrible traffic-, complete lack of sense when naming streets-. Utah: +3 California: -3 Utah Scenery: REAL mountains+, Less roads … Continue reading

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Summer at Camp Pt. 2

I’ve started to dream about comfortable bed possibly it’s my brains effort to make up for the fact that mine is nowhere near comfortable. I am seriously so good at losing stuff, the camp directors just laugh at me now … Continue reading

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Havasupai, and I’m lazy

I went to Havasupai this past weekend with my cousin, her husband my brother and mom, and it was wicked awesome. I recommend it to everyone…. particularly if you enjoy hiking 10 miles carrying a large backpack. Which as it … Continue reading

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