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Gambling is bad

So we play a lot of scum in this family I live with. And they have the fabulous tradition of “Bets” Which is basically a dare you agree to participate in if you are playing. so at the end of … Continue reading

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Road Map To Making Kelli Really Uncomfortable.

-Get in her space, Not hard to do since her space is really pretty large considering what a small person she is. You’ll know you have effectively invaded her bubble when either A: she starts to take small steps back … Continue reading

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There Is No Place Like Airports For The Holidays….

I was going to write this while I was in the airport… but then I got hungry… Which brings me to my first point. Airport food is disgusting and they totally gouge you for it. This is distressing to me. … Continue reading

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This Boy Will Not Die and some Flashbacks

So I just talked to my cousin from Arizona and the stupid boy named Howie has been asking about me… Again… Seriously?! I wish I had posted about him in the old blog but I didn’t however I do have … Continue reading

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