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I Searched Long and Hard for a Good 24 Song, And There Isn’t One.

Alt. Title: Happy 24th birthday Sadie! 24 reasons I’m glad we’re best friends 24. You shop fast, Not everybody does 23. We share some real weird google docs 22. You know that stealing soap is a good april fools day … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes for BFF’s

I was looking at the search terms people use to find our blog, and this was one of them. Since Halloween is coming up I decided it would make a good post. When I googled Best Friend Halloween Costumes variations … Continue reading

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The one that makes me come off as really petty (don’t judge me )

or reason #2483 not to live 11 hours from your best friend You remember the great un boyfriend incident right? RIGHT??? If not go read and be horrified…. Ok. And actually I just went and read that and realized I … Continue reading

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Did You Know?

July 30th was apparently International Friendship day?! and we MISSED IT?!! Outrageous. Friends for a decade and we forget this momentous day I didn’t even know existed until today… whatevs. So right now you’re vacationing in Montana and I just … Continue reading

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Palindrome Year, Or happy birthday Sadie!

22 reasons Sadie is the best She’s a Humanitarian She has excellent taste in music She is funny She likes adventures She Teen mag’d a room with me once She is smart She’s always up for a random road trip … Continue reading

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Disadvantages of Living In a Different State Then Your BFF

– You can’t be roommates – Which means You can’t have a teen mag wall – You laugh about Inside jokes all by yourself, because no one else thinks they are funny – There is no one to give “the … Continue reading

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