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Shhhh Act Like a Cat

That is still one of my favorite Youtube videos. But that is not the point of this. I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, but keep getting distracted. Did you know that apparently some boys really like girls … Continue reading

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My (new) Top Ten … Hot Celebs

Also, HEY!! Long time no see! I feel like I’ve been blog dead… Anyways, Here’s my updated Top Ten…. Last time I did one I was 19… OHMYGASH!!! … It’s over here. 1. Liam Hemsworth- *sigh* Honestly, If he asked … Continue reading

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The one that makes me come off as really petty (don’t judge me )

or reason #2483 not to live 11 hours from your best friend You remember the great un boyfriend incident right? RIGHT??? If not go read and be horrified…. Ok. And actually I just went and read that and realized I … Continue reading

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Did You Know?

July 30th was apparently International Friendship day?! and we MISSED IT?!! Outrageous. Friends for a decade and we forget this momentous day I didn’t even know existed until today… whatevs. So right now you’re vacationing in Montana and I just … Continue reading

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Blind Dates are Stupid

Blind dates are the worst. I loath them, Like real hatred for these ….. I’m at a loss for words.  ANYWAYS Blind Dates…. I’m pretty sure I have the entire routine down to an art. First comes the invitation… by … Continue reading

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Let me tell you a short story…

About a girl and a boy. And this story really is pretty short haha. Once upon a time there was a girl…. and there was a boy. The met… they didn’t fall in love. Ok she didn’t. Whether he did … Continue reading

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Things I am really bad at.

Cooking Dancing Spelling Holding still Volleyball Math Saving money Being sympathetic Driving Decoding boy… And honestly I am so annoyed at myself right now

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