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The Different Types of Finals week Students

First we have the student who moves to the library or as I prefer to call them Library Zombies. you might see them studying away when you stop in to the library in the morning to print off your paper, … Continue reading

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Lent: I’m not giving up anything because I don’t have to

Every year At this time people start talking about what they are giving up for lent. And that’s fine. Give up your bad habit, you’re weak resolve, give up whatever you want… I guess. But my question for these lent … Continue reading

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Facebook Stereotypes

According to this list I saw on Facebook there are 20 types of Facebookers, and you will fall under at least one of these categories. I am #12 and sometimes guilty of #19. 1. Over Photo Editors 2. Extremely Frequent … Continue reading

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3 Things I Really Hate Right Now

1. Fake nails… I can’t believe I used to want them I’m disgusted with my past self… Now I think they just look dumb, they don’t even look remotely real and they look vile when they get dirty. As a … Continue reading

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