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Halloween Costumes for BFF’s

I was looking at the search terms people use to find our blog, and this was one of them. Since Halloween is coming up I decided it would make a good post. When I googled Best Friend Halloween Costumes variations … Continue reading

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Disadvantages of Living In a Different State Then Your BFF

– You can’t be roommates – Which means You can’t have a teen mag wall – You laugh about Inside jokes all by yourself, because no one else thinks they are funny – There is no one to give “the … Continue reading

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Day 10: BFF Quiz About Kelli

Sadie’s Answers about Kelli 1. Political party- Doesn’t really care about politics, but probably leans Republican. 2. Middle name- Jean 3. Favorite spectatorr sport- Football or Basketball (not horse shoeing…. heh) 4. Favorite season- SUMMER (easy) 5. Favorite holiday- Um … Continue reading

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Day 9: BFF Quiz about Sadie

Kelli’s anwers about Sadie (bolded answered the same)1. Political party Ummmm somewhere in between I guess. I think there is stuff on both sides that she agrees with 2. Middle name Joy 3. Favorite spectator sport Basketball!! Utah, Utah Jazz, … Continue reading

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Day 8: Top “Remember that one time?”s

Jordan singing on the original Snake River trip “HURRAH HURRAH” Kelli falling down the stairs the first day of high school Sarah’s Mascara Incident… Those mascara tubes can be slipperey, It is easy to accidently mascara your eyebrows Sadie’s Dad … Continue reading

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Day 7: Things We Cannot Respect

Dressing your dog in a cutsey little sweater for no reason, and not to be funny Putting a wreath on the front of your car for the holidays Fedoras. People who drive Honda Elements Those little family stickers you put … Continue reading

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Day 6: Tradtions We Have

We have  lots of traditions. Partly because we are so nostalgic, partly because we are just fun. Black Friday shopping, staying up all night, going to Target, waiting n line in the freezing cold even if there is nothing we … Continue reading

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