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My Mother Really Wanted Me to Have a Talent. Alternately Titled: Kelli is a quitter

Like Really bad I think. Today campus was basically a giant Ice sheet, and I wore boots with ZERO tread. And I was joking with my friend about how I needed to brush up on my Triple toe loop, since … Continue reading

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Buck Town

I spent nearly every moment of the last two weeks with Buckaroos (kids aged 6-9). I really enjoyed it, but it was NOT easy. There was one child in particular who was probably a demon. For example on the first … Continue reading

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Summer at Camp: Round 2 Part 1

I couldn’t decide what to call this post as it is bound to be a series… I’m not really sure if I’m ok with it being Summer at Camp again so consider the name a work in progress. Also, if … Continue reading

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Our Camp Counselor Check List

This is our application video for the summer camp we want to work at. Obviously they should hire us, because we are AWESOME!

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Happy Black Friday!

Or you know, one of our favorite holidays. What’s not to like about basically a giant shopping party with really great sales? I can’t think of anything! Anyways, Hopefully your Black Friday was as good as ours! ** Actually, Sadie … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes and our Great Discovery

Here’s what we looked like yesterday. A Zebra and a Rockstar. Cause we know if you don’t dress up for Halloween you’re pretty much saying you don’t like fun. Also… We discovered a replacement California Burrito.. Betos said they would … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween! Halloween is a fantastic holiday. It’s like pure fun. Dressing up, free candy, scary movies, etc. So hopefully everyone here dressed up as something totally awesome for Halloween, because we believe strongly that saying you aren’t dressing up … Continue reading

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