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Buck Town

I spent nearly every moment of the last two weeks with Buckaroos (kids aged 6-9). I really enjoyed it, but it was NOT easy. There was one child in particular who was probably a demon. For example on the first … Continue reading

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Let me tell you a short story…

About a girl and a boy. And this story really is pretty short haha. Once upon a time there was a girl…. and there was a boy. The met… they didn’t fall in love. Ok she didn’t. Whether he did … Continue reading

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Quote of The Week

After kicking his brother and then being asked why he would do that “He called me a HIPPOGRIFF!” Instead of he called me a hypocrite. I laughed forever.

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One Reason I Still Have Faith in Humanity

Today when I was at school I saw this kid. He was dressed in a green super hero costume including a green mask and cape. He was just roaming the halls throwing out huge handfuls of candy to all the … Continue reading

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Road Map To Making Kelli Really Uncomfortable.

-Get in her space, Not hard to do since her space is really pretty large considering what a small person she is. You’ll know you have effectively invaded her bubble when either A: she starts to take small steps back … Continue reading

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On a Scale From 1 to Ted Bundy, You Sir, Are An Eleven

Today I was Creeped on in a really epic way. I’ve been minorly creeped on before, you know some guy tries to talk to me about what flavor of ice cream I’m getting or been told my eyes are just … Continue reading

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