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My Horrible Hobby and Pinterest The Enabler

So, Normally if someone asks me what my hobbies are I hem and haw, mumble something about horses and shopping, maybe throw in something about snowboarding if I really like snowboarding at that moment. (someday I’ll talk about that love/hate … Continue reading

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Running Some Numbers

5- number of projects/tests I have due this week (stupid!) 38- number of hours I work this week (stupid!) 4- number of days until I put in my 2 weeks notice at work (!!!!!!!!!!!) 1/2- amount of milk I used … Continue reading

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No Correlation

So I’m the worst and haven’t posted in what…. forever? Something like that. Here are some random lists so that I’m not a bad BFF blogger. Movies I’ve Seen Recently: The Help- SO GOOD. Thor- SO cheesy. Rise of the … Continue reading

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Summertime State of Mind

Lately I’m really feeling the summer love. It’s finally warmed up here,  school is out, and it feels AMAZING.  Here is a list of the best things about summer. Sunshine Free time Sleeping Outside (bonus points if it’s on the … Continue reading

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Your deodorant is a liar

Seriously. Whoever came up with he stuff they put on deodorant bottles should be punished. Just today I was in my little brothers bathroom (dangerous) and I glanced at his deodorant…  Brand – Old spice which i think is pretty … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Band Boy

As previously discussed boys in bands are not always cute. But unfailingly they have things in common. I could have drawn this diagram on anyone, I chose him because he had the best full body shot to make my point … Continue reading

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Summer at Camp pt. 5 The Final Chapter

I have so many lasts I almost lose track of them all but I attempt to savor each one… In a good way… In a I might miss this someday but not right now way…. I did last riding class, last … Continue reading

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