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An Ode to Valentines Day: A Master Post

♥HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!♥ We LOVE Valentines Day, and by this I don’t mean just sort of in a halfhearted sort of way. I mean that we LOVE it (caps for emphasis).  So inorder to celebrate here is a post that … Continue reading

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It’s the End of the World as We Know it: A Survival Guide

So as you probably know (and are no doubt sick of hearing about by now) that it is 2012, the year of the apocalypse. Just so you know I do not actually put much stock in this, but I do, for … Continue reading

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No Correlation

So I’m the worst and haven’t posted in what…. forever? Something like that. Here are some random lists so that I’m not a bad BFF blogger. Movies I’ve Seen Recently: The Help- SO GOOD. Thor- SO cheesy. Rise of the … Continue reading

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If you want to watch a RIDICULIUSLY cheesy movie for Valentines, we reccomend a *stack* movie

The Stack is our collection of ridiculous films that we have collected over the years. most of them have some ridiculous love story intertwined in them. – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai- Best Bollywood Movie Ever, Possibly just the best movie … Continue reading

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Age is Just a Number

So today my brother and I were home alone pretty much all day so we basically just watched movies on Netflix and made fun of them. For awhile we turned on Teen Wolf, it was suggested to us and we … Continue reading

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