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Belated Black Friday Post

So this Black Friday I was a little upset with all the stores that were opening so early. I mean come on! It’s Black FRIDAY not Thursday! Plus I just feel bad for all the employees who have to work … Continue reading

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My Horrible Hobby and Pinterest The Enabler

So, Normally if someone asks me what my hobbies are I hem and haw, mumble something about horses and shopping, maybe throw in something about snowboarding if I really like snowboarding at that moment. (someday I’ll talk about that love/hate … Continue reading

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The Space Invader! … Personal Space that is

SO, We could go on about my personal space issues, but it’s boring and I’m Pretty sure I’ve talked about it too many times. Short version, I like my space, and when people are in my space I get a … Continue reading

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A Pre Written Dear John Letter to Your Missonary

I have 2 roommates currently stinging missionaries along. and if we’re honest, I actually think it’s hilarious. And they’ll always just say “Oh I don’t know what to tell my missionary so I won’t tell him anything it will be … Continue reading

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The End is Near

It’s the last day of class today! So that means 3 finals and this semester is OVER. I love how on the last week of class all the sudden everybody shows back up, and your classes are like twice the … Continue reading

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Out wit, Out last, Out play… ok actually It was just outside

So I went on the survival trip for my survival skills class this past weekend. And let me just say, If I wasn’t already in your top ten people to be stuck on a deserted island with you should really … Continue reading

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Overheard in the Halls: Part 3

It’s time for the annual Overheard in the Halls post. Boy 1: Wait who is Steve Jobs, and why is everyone talking about him today? Boy 2: Wait, you don’t know who Steve Jobs is? Boy 1: No Boy 2: … Continue reading

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