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The Different Types of Finals week Students

First we have the student who moves to the library or as I prefer to call them Library Zombies. you might see them studying away when you stop in to the library in the morning to print off your paper, … Continue reading

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Pinterest has some awfully stupid ideas

Like this. Apparently you are supposed to mix Elmers glue, sand, and water and drip it over a bowl until it hardens…. WHAT THE HECK GUYS!? Am I the only person who immediately sees how stupid this is?! I love The ocean, … Continue reading

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Belated Black Friday Post

So this Black Friday I was a little upset with all the stores that were opening so early. I mean come on! It’s Black FRIDAY not Thursday! Plus I just feel bad for all the employees who have to work … Continue reading

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One of the high points of my Major

Aside from not having school on Fridays I mean. because in reality that is the very best part. Anyways. I’m sort of an over aged college student I feel like, some days it distresses me, some days I think, Why … Continue reading

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My Horrible Hobby and Pinterest The Enabler

So, Normally if someone asks me what my hobbies are I hem and haw, mumble something about horses and shopping, maybe throw in something about snowboarding if I really like snowboarding at that moment. (someday I’ll talk about that love/hate … Continue reading

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The Space Invader! … Personal Space that is

SO, We could go on about my personal space issues, but it’s boring and I’m Pretty sure I’ve talked about it too many times. Short version, I like my space, and when people are in my space I get a … Continue reading

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Lent: I’m not giving up anything because I don’t have to

Every year At this time people start talking about what they are giving up for lent. And that’s fine. Give up your bad habit, you’re weak resolve, give up whatever you want… I guess. But my question for these lent … Continue reading

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