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One of the high points of my Major

Aside from not having school on Fridays I mean. because in reality that is the very best part. Anyways. I’m sort of an over aged college student I feel like, some days it distresses me, some days I think, Why … Continue reading

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It’s the End of the World as We Know it: A Survival Guide

So as you probably know (and are no doubt sick of hearing about by now) that it is 2012, the year of the apocalypse. Just so you know I do not actually put much stock in this, but I do, for … Continue reading

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If you’ve read our blog at all you might have realized that I like lists. If you flip through my various notebooks you will see tons of them mixed in with school notes and anything else I wrote down. To … Continue reading

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Out friendly-ing the friendly

I basically live to out friendly people in customer service positions. Especially because it’s not that hard. Sometimes I do it just because I am feeling really friendly, other times because I feel like they are not being friendly and … Continue reading

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An Open letter to my classmates, teachers, and peers

Dear Population of MCC, hello, nice to see you again…. Sort of You guys need to stop smoking so much, all the time everywhere. you’re going to give me lung cancer. To the Boy in my Health class. No I … Continue reading

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No Correlation

So I’m the worst and haven’t posted in what…. forever? Something like that. Here are some random lists so that I’m not a bad BFF blogger. Movies I’ve Seen Recently: The Help- SO GOOD. Thor- SO cheesy. Rise of the … Continue reading

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Rapture Photos: It’s The End of the World As We Know It

All weekend long I was loving the Rapture jokes. They are just so easy.  On Saturday at my work we all had this really lengthy discussion about what we were going to do with our last day, and what our … Continue reading

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