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Happy Black Friday!

Or you know, one of our favorite holidays. What’s not to like about basically a giant shopping party with really great sales? I can’t think of anything! Anyways, Hopefully your Black Friday was as good as ours! ** Actually, Sadie … Continue reading

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How About Them Apples?

So today my cousin decided that she was finally going to make neighbor gifts. We’re a little late to the game so a lot of the easy stuff like banana bread and chocolate covered pretzels have already been taken. We … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! Things that are great, to be grateful for: *Aside from the obvious family, shelter ect.* 1. A large delicious bird that could possibly be turned into the worlds best soup 2. A DECADE of Friendship 3. Neighbors … Continue reading

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On a Scale From 1 to Ted Bundy, You Sir, Are An Eleven

Today I was Creeped on in a really epic way. I’ve been minorly creeped on before, you know some guy tries to talk to me about what flavor of ice cream I’m getting or been told my eyes are just … Continue reading

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Fashion Trends I Swore I Wouldn’t Follow…

And then did… :D Plaid shorts. I don’t remember Why I didn’t want to wear them… It probably had something to do with Hollister…. Anyways, I know I didn’t. But then I got some for my birthday and ended up … Continue reading

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