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Buck Town

I spent nearly every moment of the last two weeks with Buckaroos (kids aged 6-9). I really enjoyed it, but it was NOT easy. There was one child in particular who was probably a demon. For example on the first … Continue reading

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Summer at Camp: Round 2 Part 1

I couldn’t decide what to call this post as it is bound to be a series… I’m not really sure if I’m ok with it being Summer at Camp again so consider the name a work in progress. Also, if … Continue reading

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Running Some Numbers

5- number of projects/tests I have due this week (stupid!) 38- number of hours I work this week (stupid!) 4- number of days until I put in my 2 weeks notice at work (!!!!!!!!!!!) 1/2- amount of milk I used … Continue reading

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This Feels Like the Home Stretch

It probably helps that all week I thought it was April. And I was just SUPER confused about how far away summer seems. But it’s because actually I was counting the days till camp. CAMP!!!! We’re going back to camp! … Continue reading

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Our Camp Counselor Check List

This is our application video for the summer camp we want to work at. Obviously they should hire us, because we are AWESOME!

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I Heart Camp Day, and some other stuff

I made this:

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Summer Fades to Fall

I was not ready for summer to be over. Not ready at all! So I’ve been thinking of a list of good things about the 1st week of school in order to curb any negative thoughts I might have towards … Continue reading

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