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Types of Customers

I have been really bad at posting for a while now. This is mainly due to the fact that I never have time, and my life is extremely boring right now. I work ALL the time. Almost literally. I go … Continue reading

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Out wit, Out last, Out play… ok actually It was just outside

So I went on the survival trip for my survival skills class this past weekend. And let me just say, If I wasn’t already in your top ten people to be stuck on a deserted island with you should really … Continue reading

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One Reason I Still Have Faith in Humanity

Today when I was at school I saw this kid. He was dressed in a green super hero costume including a green mask and cape. He was just roaming the halls throwing out huge handfuls of candy to all the … Continue reading

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There Is No Place Like Airports For The Holidays….

I was going to write this while I was in the airport… but then I got hungry… Which brings me to my first point. Airport food is disgusting and they totally gouge you for it. This is distressing to me. … Continue reading

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On a Scale From 1 to Ted Bundy, You Sir, Are An Eleven

Today I was Creeped on in a really epic way. I’ve been minorly creeped on before, you know some guy tries to talk to me about what flavor of ice cream I’m getting or been told my eyes are just … Continue reading

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