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Me and Hermione Granger

I’ve actually come to an unfortunate point in my life everyone. And it pains me a little because I think if I was someone else I would hate me. And when I say I think I would I actually mean … Continue reading

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If you’ve read our blog at all you might have realized that I like lists. If you flip through my various notebooks you will see tons of them mixed in with school notes and anything else I wrote down. To … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas From Our Blog to Yours!

Dear Internet, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Wow! This year has just flown by! We can hardly believe it’s almost 2012 (otherwise known as the end of the world)! What a great year it’s been! Kelli spent her days in sunny Arizona slaving … Continue reading

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9 basic reasons I / Everyone should love finals week

1. You only go to each class one time that week. And more then likely you will be there for only a short amount of time! 2. It’s really just the final sign that schools over for the semester. 3. … Continue reading

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Out friendly-ing the friendly

I basically live to out friendly people in customer service positions. Especially because it’s not that hard. Sometimes I do it just because I am feeling really friendly, other times because I feel like they are not being friendly and … Continue reading

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Gambling is bad

So we play a lot of scum in this family I live with. And they have the fabulous tradition of “Bets” Which is basically a dare you agree to participate in if you are playing. so at the end of … Continue reading

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My Lack of Hand Eye Coordination is SUPER pathetic

I am Uncoordinated. If you know me, this in not a surprise. If you don’t know me…. Surprise? I also have a bent right arm due to 3 breaks throughout my life. I like to blame my total lack of … Continue reading

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