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Our Camp Counselor Check List

This is our application video for the summer camp we want to work at. Obviously they should hire us, because we are AWESOME! Advertisements

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Out friendly-ing the friendly

I basically live to out friendly people in customer service positions. Especially because it’s not that hard. Sometimes I do it just because I am feeling really friendly, other times because I feel like they are not being friendly and … Continue reading

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Happy Black Friday!

Or you know, one of our favorite holidays. What’s not to like about basically a giant shopping party with really great sales? I can’t think of anything! Anyways, Hopefully your Black Friday was as good as ours! ** Actually, Sadie … Continue reading

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My Family is Actually Crazy

My little brother has been living in montana with my aunt so for Christmas we went up there. my little brother has always been a little weird but for some reason hanging out with these cousins makes him even more … Continue reading

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What Not To Wear – To a Concert…

We went to the All Time Low Concert yesterday and it was AWESOME! Except the stupid venue has these dumb benches right by the stage so when people are like pushing all around, you fall on them.  So. My quest … Continue reading

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