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Running Some Numbers

5- number of projects/tests I have due this week (stupid!) 38- number of hours I work this week (stupid!) 4- number of days until I put in my 2 weeks notice at work (!!!!!!!!!!!) 1/2- amount of milk I used … Continue reading

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Grocery Store Playlist

As I have previously mentioned I work at a grocery store. This means I spend a lot of time listening to the same set of songs that play on the overhead speaker. Actually my grocery store does a pretty ok … Continue reading

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Types of Customers

I have been really bad at posting for a while now. This is mainly due to the fact that I never have time, and my life is extremely boring right now. I work ALL the time. Almost literally. I go … Continue reading

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It’s a GREAT day!… Or at least I’ll tell you it is, because thats my job

And that title would be a lot more effective if you could hear me in your head. So I don’t remember if I’ve talked much about my job. Probably not cause grown up jobs are so gosh dang boring there … Continue reading

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Disadvantages of Living In a Different State Then Your BFF

– You can’t be roommates – Which means You can’t have a teen mag wall – You laugh about Inside jokes all by yourself, because no one else thinks they are funny – There is no one to give “the … Continue reading

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How To Have a Great Office Photo on Your Christmas Card

A. Pretend your office girls are your Harem B. Let everyone know Knee length or shorter dresses are encouraged, stripper shoes are required. C. Let the photographer know you would like the people in the photo to be posing awkwardly … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The good – I’m practically a movie star, this week we filmed videos for the office an I had to be in them – It was 60 degrees today – Today I got a 200 dollar bonus. BONUS – I’m … Continue reading

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