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An Ode to Valentines Day: A Master Post

♥HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!♥ We LOVE Valentines Day, and by this I don’t mean just sort of in a halfhearted sort of way. I mean that we LOVE it (caps for emphasis).  So inorder to celebrate here is a post that … Continue reading

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The End is Near

It’s the last day of class today! So that means 3 finals and this semester is OVER. I love how on the last week of class all the sudden everybody shows back up, and your classes are like twice the … Continue reading

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Save Some Time: Stereotype

Here is a video of 50 State Stereotypes. Utah’s is expected. I saw it coming from about 5,000 miles away, but some of them are hilarious. I think my favorites are Indiana and Florida. Bonus Video of some rejected ones after … Continue reading

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Cone-ing is the New Planking

I love this. So much.

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Summertime State of Mind

Lately I’m really feeling the summer love. It’s finally warmed up here,  school is out, and it feels AMAZING.  Here is a list of the best things about summer. Sunshine Free time Sleeping Outside (bonus points if it’s on the … Continue reading

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March Madness (Jimmer Style)

Living in Utah County means you can’t not know about Jimmer Ferdette. It’s inescapable. I’m usually not really into College basketball, but when your favorite NBA team sucks as bad as mine does this year you have to find other outlets. … Continue reading

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Kid History

Our friend Maddie showed this to me, and now we basically just quote it all the time. “I’m gonna steal your birthday stuff” is a very good threat to throw out if you didn’t know. Episode 2 after the jump.

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